Saturday, January 01, 2000

1998-2000: Studio Work, Groups and Changes

While working with groups of grass-root women both in Montelíbano, Córdoba and with “Asociacion de Mujeres de las Veredas de la Calera" (AVC) ( 1981-2001) I learned, grew and moved from social research into art, but at the end, kept them both. In 1999 we decide to move to Canada, so I find deep within the need to pay tribute to the women of my life and my land, my earth. So I start making multimedia installations with the women I work with (AVC), using photography, wool, flowers, clay, music, light and shadows. The result has been a touching artistic experience that has let me combine multiple artistic media and has become the central theme of my art. I gather life stories, set up diverse lists and sets of names, situations and images; I combine ceramic work in my Studio with earth and mud, humus as decay and fertility, clay and fire, music, observation and silence.