Sunday, April 02, 2000

April 2000 Second Installation at AVC

The second Installation is done with the groups from AVC (Asociacion de Mujeres de las Veredas de la Calera) in Colombia: "365 women". Ephymeral art, for it lasts through the afternoon. After, the cows pasturing reorganize our work in their own logic... I make many tiles, collect recycled or unused ones, old and broken slabs and start to write with oxides in each piece names and phrases of stories gathered in years of work with women's groups. Then I re-fire the slabs and pieces. We make a path of ceramic broken pieces through the field surrounding our location in La Calera. Each fragment placed is shared, saying something about it, our life and mutual transformation through the interaction of our group work, communication, love and time. I used the written texts in fragments of slabs as a symbols of broken women by violence, death and war.