Saturday, November 02, 2002

2002 Working with pregnant women

Posted by PicasaThis is my other work, it is a passion: being a Doula. I give support to pregnant women during the last weeks of pregnancy, during labor and birth and after-birth or post-partum. I had many years of empyrical experience in South America, and in Ottawa I have been trained as a professional Doula. I have participated at the Ottawa Carleton Birth Companion Program of Mothercraft, and was Certified as a Doula by DONA, -Doulas of North America-; I participate in Midwifery Consumers Group and in Confort & Joy Doula Association. I am starting a Blog in Spanish about being a Doula... Slowly translating it into English, is my wish... For now, I am just writting stories, birthing experiences, hoping to have them along with photos and share this experience with future moms, other Doulas and any one interested to read. You may visit the Doula-Rosario-blog en espaƱol here