Saturday, September 02, 2006

2003 Diefenbunker Museum, Carp, Ontario

Inside the Diefenbunker, 3 floors down under
Rosario with Ricardo, Maria & Alejo;
my daughter and sons.
They have given support strength and love
needed for this show, all shows The Diefenbunker is now a Museum. An underground bunker constructed during the "Cold War", (as if there are hot and cold wars). It is a 4 storey building, millions of bags of reinforced concrete. it now shows art work. The entrance to the Diefenbunker Museum
is through a tunnel.
Corridors and design belong to the fifties.
Since it was designed as a bunker in case of war
its spaces are very... -original, unique.
But just like the Fortified Walls in Cartagena,
to keep the pirates out in XV and XVI
it was never used.
Now, a museum full of little rooms and corridors in Carp, Ontario.