Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sculpture "Prayer for Peace"

When the Iraq invasion starts I feel so........ overcome, overwhelmed... sad, so powerless... more war, more death, more violence, more women suffering, left alone, displaced........ orphan kids, loco, loco, loco... more for the mad-house in the world, as if it is not enough as it is. What can I do? I must do something. What I do is art. So I start to look for inspiration... flight and peace......... birds in a flight for peace. In a prayer for peace... My prayer is done working in my temple, in the silence of my studio. So I start to do these sculptures of flying birds, then turn them into a prayer, a prayer for peace. these 20 are a "flock" some are individual flights as garden sculptures, a presence to remind someone of peace.... Posted by Picasa First version of the sculpture, Prayer for Peace: 21 flying porcelain birds on steel rods, anchored to a railroad tie flying in a Prayer for Peace.