Wednesday, March 02, 2005

2005 The Frame of the Installation: this Banner

Posted by Picasa While I was preparing the Multimedia work for the Installation at UNAM (March 2005) at their beautiful Gallery, "Sala Felipe S Gutierrez", there was something missing, something to "frame" the Gallery. I review: There are 10 of my stories in Spanish, English and French, 15 photographs of displaced women in the streets of Bogotá, 100 porcelain sculptures of "Wombangels"... I felt the need to have it all with a social context in the "now". How to do it??? The idea of a banner appears during sleep, like a flash! Then for weeks I would get up at 3, 4 or 5 am. to write, or during the News, or in a conversation, a little jotted note started to make the social context frame. The problem then became, how do I print it? I spend hours at the computer learning "how to"s through frustration and errors; but with the help of computer-wise friends, Julio & Eduardo Serje, finally I get it. A banner 75 meters long, to frame the Gallery.