Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My collection of poor dolls

Posted by Picasa When our oldest granddaughter Camila was a baby I looked for simple, beautiful rag dolls to play with her. And slowly I start to find hand-made, beautiful, down-to earth dolls, dressed with traditional not-fancy but creative garments and many of them made by local groups of women. These became my favourites. Now I have about a hundred poor dolls from many countries, friends see them in trips and remember my collection of simple poor dolls. A couple from Honduras, made with corn husks; a trio from Peru, dressed as those found in ancient Inca burials; one from Guatemala made with their own hand woven alpaca wool; a set made by my daughter Maria, with fairy tale characters; another by a native Amazon region group of women that use fibers from tree barks... I made an addition with a few porcelain dolls, representing displaced women; they all stand there and remind us of so many women working with recycled, found, natural materials to represent their traditions and culture making these beautiful poor dolls.