Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 Fundraising for Colombia

When friends ask us about Colombia we have so much to say... they have only heard about violence and war... but there are other stories to share, like these, gathered in Grass-root War Displaced Women´s Groupos in Antioquia. So, we have decided to organize a Fundraising tu support these groups. If you are interested, wish to send a dontation (will send a tax excemption receipt) or wish more info, please contact us at You may see and album, know more about the education and support programs that are going on at this precise moment, while you read these words. Become a member of our support group by a monthly donation, or participate in our events. A translation of 500 Corazones here Here, in Ottawa we are organizing a Fundraising campaign to support Women´s groups, women that have said NO MORE to violence, war, death in Colombia´s half-century old social and armed conflict. Their work is centred on forgiveness, solidarity, emotional support, healing and community work. You may visit them at We have found that by supporting Amar y Servir organized groups in our country people may have hope to achieve thir goals and that their dreams of peace may come true. It is an NGO from the Jesuits in Colombia, working in Social Projects. Several Social Institutions have been gathered under the same Foundation, such as: CINEP (Centro de Investigacion y Educacion Popular), Fe y Alegria, IMCA (Instituto mayor Campesino), Servivienda, Programa por la Paz, Servicio de jesuitas a Refugiados. More info at Colombia. Do you want to see photos from our beautiful country? Here are some links: From Juan Antonio: (More photos to come... or to be continued!)