Friday, April 12, 2002

2002 Tray with Flower-Women

First Sculpture in a Show. After six months in Canada I submitted my sculpture to the OGP spring Juried Exhibition. To my surprise and joy it was admitted and won an Honorary Mention as ¨best non-functional¨ category. I was thrilled. this is my first step into Art-life in Canada. Even though several buyers came and inquired, I keep it. NFS. I hand built the basket or tray with porcelain, added textures, stamp a small fish bone, add slips and oxides, rub away the excess. After the first firing, a white satin glaze, washed away and again fired to Cone 6. Then ensemble flowers from the Installation in Colombia at Colombo Americano, 2001
This sculpture is the bridge between my life in Colombia and now in Canada. Tray with flower-women
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