Monday, March 17, 2008

New Sculptures, new work, GLASS

Since I started clay work in the 80's I have been intrigued by the use of glass on clay. When I have found an artist that mixes glass and clay work I am thilled although some say it is impossible. But it has always pushed me to try it. Very few success stories to tell. But then, in my community I have found two glass artists, Sandy and Bonnie and they also wanted to work fusing glass, so we have shared knowledge, frustration, kilns and tests. It`s been great. Since 2006 and mostly this Winter of 07-08 we have been researching on HOW TO FUSE GLASS; they work jewlery, objects and stained glass windows and I research it on clay. Very difficult, hard work, good for stubborn people like me, a good Aries. How to fuse glass, a complete new chapter and technique to learn, so I start here... fusing glass in my kiln. Then, learning about glass, which would work on clay, what is a great calamity, just as Zorba the Greek`s falling structure. Glass shatters when improperly cooling off. Then, starting to fuse glass on my ceramic pieces... here I am, so far. Testing, testing, testing... colors, temperature, results.
A studio for small art pieces. Another challenge!