Friday, January 23, 2009

2009. New year, new life, new plans and dreams

New Year. New Life. New Work...
plans and dreams of travels.
Last year was a difficult one.
So I did these "Six Healing Angels"
to heal and give myself support and gratitude.
They keep us company in our home, in front of my husband Ricardo's Father's oil painting of El Quijote
And a sculpture honoring Lysanne and Alejo, our son, expecting their first baby, Gabriel
Gabriel, born Sept 13 2008
at the General Hospital in Ottawa!
Alejo has been a dad for 10 minutes.
Emilia and Luisa with their cousin, Gabriel
Some of my work this year:
Madonna of the Garden
and Madonna of de Sea

Set of porcelain plates with birds,
bisque fired, drawing with under glazes,
engobes and oxides. After they will be will refired
with clear glaze.
These Five little windows are called
"I peek... inside myself"
During the past three years I have been fusing glass in the kiln. Now I also have a small jewlery electric kiln.
It has been a challange, new experience
and a whole world of learning...
How to make jewelry with glass, how to fuse, make moulds or to fuse it on my pieces.
Sometimes successful
others a total frustration
and an invite to continue...
small glass dish, fired 4 times
In February we will go back to Seattle

to give support to our son.
To be with him for radiation treatment
after two Thyroid cancer surgeries
in October and December.
He is now healed!
Photos during our last visit, the Needle in Seattle:
Visiting Stephen Hirt's glass Studio with the boys,
and the amazing Uwajimaya Market
Candle lit honoring Claudia.
She left a year ago.
when we are back, ready for Spring our grandson Gabriel
will be six months old!!!
Today we were with him and Lysanne, his lovely mom.
He is the most beautiful baby we have seen.
Smiling, goooo goooo ing and chewing his chubby little tiny hands.
Gracias a la Vida...