Thursday, September 08, 2011

10 años en Ottawa, time to go back home

July 20, 2001.
We come to Canada. Ten years ago. Ten years I could name as a main chapter in my life.
Being here, as an Artist. Work, exhibitions, support, a feeling of belonging through art and my work.
Ten years of starting life with our extended family here, in Canada. Ten years of pain, solitude, many questions asked, a new path found. Hard work within, questions like, ¨who am I?¨, ¨what am I doing here?¨, ¨what is this all about?¨... Ah, life. I entered the path of contact with my being many years ago, but these 10 years have been of hard work trying to answer some of the questions asked. During my last show those were the questions in the center of the Labyrinth, now I see I was closing a circle, I was preparing my body and soul for a further move. Now, I see it clearly, it has been an invitation from Life to be back, start again in our own land, our mountains, our culture, back home. The link is to my Blog made during the past couple of years, while starting this Project. Now it is the time to go, live it. Start again, a new beginning, when we will celebrate our 50th anniversay next July and I will be 69 in April. Time to start again. Life will tell us what´s next, we wish to come during the Summer months, live here for half a year, half here, half there. Life will tell...

a slide show here of our Project for the next 100 years

El proceso de nuestro proyecto en fotos