Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Art Studio at La Cueva, Villa de Leyva

Finally, it is done. The construction of my studio started last October and now, April 12th, on my 70th Birthday we inaugurate it!
Our kids came for the celebration. Ricardo had announced his coming from Seattle since last November.

This kiln was ade by Jorge Perez, some 25 years ago. It work perfect.

gas (will be changed for a 500 L bottle 

The studio, kiln room and Ricardo's workshop seen from our house. Still some work to finish

Mar'ia, Chema and Alejo just showed up from Canada late Thursaday for the intimate celcebration of both events on friday: Birthday and opening the Studio. Both were so filled of love, of soul, of kind and good wishes, tenderness and joy. Hard to describe, it would be easier with a drawing or with some of the photos from this marvelous day. So, here are a few.

I wrote a page, here it is...