Wednesday, November 02, 2005

2004 Wombangels and birds in "flight for peace"

Here, each Angel is a woman... each bird is a young girl... a murdered woman who now flies free... she lived in Latin America, in Irak, Russia, the Middle East, China, Africa, North America, anywhere, North, South, East West everywhere in the workd, violence against women. Here, each wombangel has a name, a real name. This work started when I heard about the murdered women in Ciudad Juarez, in SMexico. I wanted to honor them. and this moved me into another chapter, a shout against violence towards women. Search it in the Web; or visit any of the following pages: There are many pages on Mujeres Asesinadas en Ciudad Juarez in all laguages, such asárez Individually made porcelain sculptures, high fired (Cone 6) with underglazes, glazes, oxides and oil paint; mounted on steel rods. Posted by Picasa