Monday, June 26, 2006

Cathy Donovan, Editor of Regional Contact, a TV program from CTV invited me to participate in a program to show my work. The 9 minute TV program will be available here in the Blog, when I find out how to do it. When she called to invite me to her show I did not know who she is, I am not a TV watcher! I thought it was a sales person who would offer a Cell phone, or some service. Since I was sitting, painting in my Studio, we started to chat and she made questions about my work. It seemed a bit strange, but she sounded so nice and bright, I kept on talking with her. After some time she asked me, 'have you seen Regional Contact? 'What is that, I answered. A TV program on Saturday evenings. No, sorry, I am the worst TV watcher... and then she told me she is the Editor... if I wanted to be interviewed, that she would send a photographer... it was one of the biggest surprises ever. Two months after, about 4 cassettes were made in my home and Studio, hundreds of photos and she made an interview. She is so bright, charming, creative, critical, joyful. It shows in her programs. From the DVD they sent me, I will copy'paste some images here... but I dont know how to do it so far. Sorry.