Wednesday, August 02, 2006

a passion, being a Doula, being with mother during birth

Posted by Picasa The greatest gift a future mom can give us, Doulas, is to invite us to be with them during the last weeks of pregnancy, birth and post-partum. Being a Certified Doula has given me to love unique and touching experiences with babies, beautiful as this one... This is the Information I send or discuss about my work, so we get together, talk. Then a decision to have me as their doula (or not!!!) I would love to be with you during the last weeks of your pregnancy, birth and after birth. For me this is the best gift a young mom can give me... to be with her and give her support and strength with comfort measures, breathing techniques, special movements, walking, even dancing. I have been doing this for many many years, in South America, (the first baby I gave support during labor and birth is now 31 and now has her first baby!!!). Now living in Canada I have been trained both as a Doula and a Birth Companion by Mothercraft, Ottawa. I am a certified by DONA and participate in Comfort and Joy Doula Assoc. I usually have a previous meeting with the mom, to get to know each other and see each other¨s needs, this meeting is free of charge. My fee will be discussed with you. I would visit you so you learn some comfort measures, breathing, movements and relaxation techniques. I would be present during labor and birth where you choose to do it; I meet you when you call me, usually when active labor starts and would give you physical and emotional support, find out what you need in order to deal with pain, try different positions and techniques. If you have a partner we make a team work. And we agree on two postpartum visits. I am always available to talk to you in the phone, any time day, or night... If you wish any further information, please call me. Visit my Blog in Spanish at