Saturday, March 25, 2006


A Wombangel flies, she is a bird.
She prays, she is an angel;
sensitive, humble and wise, she is a woman.
murdered somewhere in the world, this world of war, conflict, this enormous mad-house we have made, she is a Wombangel.
"Mario y Elsa"
2 porcelain Sculptures honoring Mario Calderon, Elsa Alvarado and Carlos, her father.
Murdered in their apartment,
Bogota, May 19, 1996
25 and 28 cm x 10 x 13
Porcelain slabs oxides, engobes, fired in oxidation, Cone 6
"Displaced Women"
15 photographs of women, men and children living in the streets of Bogota, ColombiaPosted by Picasa

Copies of 10 Stories I wrote were available. Read in Spanish, French and English during the Inauguration, celebrating International Women's Day.