Monday, December 17, 2007

2007, this Good Year, painful year, and my work

2007 has been a pain year with Claudia's health. We were with them in Seattle in april for Easter and Birthdays, Tomas' and mine. By the end of the year she was so ill... in November we thought of traveling to be with her and the family, but our son Ricardo said, let's wait. And we did. We knew it would be her last Christmas and New Year's.

So my heart has been in sorrow, being here but also there with them in my heart.
And while here working, kept on my work with Angels. It helped me to be in peace and understanding the non-understandable. How can a young mother die?

This year I finished a beautiful series of eight Angels. New expression. New mixed media, some glass, textures, shapes. They became powerful. Tall, wide, terracota work and the wings in clay did not look so well, too big and heavy, so I changed them to 3/16 copper tube.
Angel of Peace. . . .
Angel of Love. . . .
Angel of Nature. .
Angel of Youth..
Angel of Maternity
Angel of Life. . . . .

Guardian Angel for the Garden. .