Thursday, January 17, 2008

Glass on porcelain, more tests, more of the same

Fusing glass is great fun. I have fused broken window panes, shattered pieces, mirrors, constructions, wine glasses, glass plates and jars from the dollas stores, beads. anything goes.
Then I made moulds and started to make constructions with glass...
and have moved to what I wish to learn, how to fuse glass on a ceramic or porcelain dish or sculpture.
Should it be fired before or not... ???
Glazed or not... ???
what kind of glaze, from what temperature, color, texture, form ???
This is a porcelain dish, fired at Cone 06. Then a frog drawing with underglazes on satin white glaze, again fired at cone 5. then the test, fused clear glass over, fired at Cone 015, slow cooling of kiln.
I have tried most of the possibilities and now I have a large garbage container filled of broken, useless pieces... something will be done with them out in a garden sculpture in the Summer.

But a few success pieces have come out, so I am thrilled.
Slowly I am learning how not to, how to do it.