Sunday, February 10, 2008

Honoring Claudia

During our visit to Bellevue and Seattle she got the news: cancer.
This visit in October 2006 to our son Ricardo, Claudia and their children, Tomas, Mateo and Camila is special, when a new chapter starts for the family with her fight against both, ovarian and cervical cancer. We all are devastated. She decided to fight it, and she did. For 28 months she lived each day, always with a smile, kindness and peace. All the support and love and hope from Ricardo, the kids, family and friends. they found the true community in Bellevue at Eastshore Sanctuary in Bellevue, Washington.
Many tears and community words during the beautiful Memorial Service. I read a page to thank her for her life, her love and her fight. With claudia we learned about living, to keep a smile no matter what and to live and die in grace, January 24, 2008. You may read and see and live with us, be touched by Ricardo's Blog and walk with him in this path, he continues writting about Life Without Claudia.