Monday, May 18, 2015

Taller de Arte La Cueva

Yes!!! It works!!!
My Studio in Villa de Leyva is excellent... extraordinary... awesome!!! Filled of light and warmth, spacious, well done. And the less well-done finishing touches I try not to see (even if I do see them!).
We have been in La Cueva these past four months (Jan-May 2015).

During these months I have finished up left over pieces. Finished. Given away. Closed.
New work! I started with a "Floor Mural" with Maya signs from the Maya Calendar. Coki built her home in Subachoque, Cundinamarca, Colombia, and it is for her labyrinth there in the garden.

The second Project has been with Gustavo. He  is the brightest, sweetest boy with a physical problem in his movements. (severe juvenile arthritis). I offered him to teach pottery. He can create, make his own pieces and later on sell them. So we started with Pottery Workshop. Soon after his sister Liliana joined in and a young couple, neighbors also started to work as a group. Four artists, full of enthusiasm and wishing to work full strength. We had two months of class and learned the basic work with clay: pinch pots, coils, slabs and how to combine the techniques. They made a self-portrait, a set, some dishes and mugs and jewlery using both clay and Egiptian Paste, during the last two weeks.
They sent me a photo while working, "pottery class without our teacher'.
Leather hard clay tiles, cut to fit the central area of the labyrinth

Baldosas crudas conseguidas en Ráquira, diseño para la zona central del Laberinto de Coki.
Work in progress 

uso engobes y oxidos, mas no esmaltes

slips and oxides, no glaze

Secado de las baldosasdrying the tiles

Finished tiles, to be taken to their new home in Subachoque.

Baldosas, mural de Piso terminado, va para la casa de Coki en Subachoque

It made me feel so good! 
another mural, to be finished

Trabajos pendientes, para terminar. Y ya. Chuliado!!! Finishing old work

Pottery class 
Pottery class: make sheep with live model
En la clase de cerámica, hacer ovejas con modelo vivo

Clase de cerámica con Gustavo, Tati, Liliana y Rodrigo

Pintura en seda. Un trabajo para Alejo de 0.80m x 3 m. 

Visita de mi querida amiga,